IBIA | Suspicious football match in the Netherlands

IBIA |  Suspicious football match in the Netherlands

In its Integrity Report for the second quarter of 2022, IBIA reported 88 suspicious sports bets, one of which was at a football match in the Netherlands. This is a significant increase compared to the first quarter where there were 42 reports. More than half of the reports relate to European sports competitions.

In the Integrity Report for the second quarter of 2022(PDF, 4.1MB) Reports indicate that the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has received 88 reports of suspicious sports betting.

Almost as in the quarterly overview, football and tennis are the two sports that have received the most reports. In total, there were 32 reports on sports betting on football matches and 27 reports on tennis.

Suspicious Dutch football match

We also see the Netherlands on the list again. In 2021, the IBIA also received two reports on football matches in the Netherlands. Then it turned out to be the match between ADO Den Haag and PSV. Tom Beugelsdijk got a great yellow card in that match. However, the match-fixing case against Beugelsdijk was dropped this year.

It is not known which one matches this time. The possibility of match-fixing in the Netherlands became apparent at the beginning of June when two youngsters, aged 16 and 17, were arrested. The two players approached second-tier players to manipulate scores of matches. The two players reported to KNVB after which they were arrested.

Many notifications in the US

We see in the report no less than thirteen reports of suspicious sports competitions in the United States. Ten out of 12 reports on horse racing betting are about racing in the United States.

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In addition, three more reports were received about tennis matches in the United States. With thirteen reports, the United States was the country with the most reports.

In the football matches category, we are seeing four reports of suspicious sports matches in Mongolia and Ghana. The two countries therefore account for a quarter of all shady football bets.

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