“I think we will have 45-degree days between now and 2030” – Wel.nl

“I think we will have 45-degree days between now and 2030” - Wel.nl

Belgian weather worker David Dehenau, head of RMI’s weather service, sees a bleak outlook for this summer. Rain and instability as far as the eye can see in the coming weeks. It’s – even quite literally – a disastrous summer. “I don’t even dare hope that the weather will be nice. I will be glad if the heavy rain stops and people no longer suffer damage, die or get injured.”

The reason: climate change. “Yes, sure. Our climate is changing. Extremes are on the increase, because we have the same weather more often than before for long periods of time. That is because the jet stream has virtually stopped, and then stops again due to the warming of the Arctic and regions The north is fast, which reduces the temperature difference with the Tropic of Cancer. If you stay in the high pressure area, you get very dry weather. We have experienced this in recent years. This year we will experience depression after depression. The rains also become heavier in hot climates. Does that mean it will be one or that every summer from now on? No, but it will happen more often.”

“I do not consider it impossible that from now until 2030 we will have 45 degrees. The record now stands at 41.8. It will not stop there. 50 degrees as in Canada does not seem likely to us in ten years., But it is very likely that this will be the case elsewhere in Europe, and even the opposite would surprise me.”

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