I rowed across the Atlantic and joined a new wave of extreme endurance athletes

I rowed across the Atlantic and joined a new wave of extreme endurance athletes

Atlantic’s campaigns spurred the race to expand beyond its British roots, which were crucial to the sport’s growing universality. But it was so important that women like Savage and Maclore broke the traditional explorer image. “It wasn’t long ago that the Iron Man job was considered crazy,” McClure said. “This is what we think can be changed.”

The Atlantic Challenge also began, albeit slowly, to reflect the ethnic diversity you would expect from an ethnic organization of 21 employees representing 10 nationalities, and an endurance event spanning an eighth of the world.

At the 2019 event, Antiguan Crystal Clashing, Kevinia Francis, Elvira Bell and Samara Emanuel became the first male or female black team – to complete the race. To date, there have been seven black competitors in the Atlantic Challenge, including the women of Antigua.

“Being able to undertake such a journey allowed us to write our own story and master the story that black people do not swim nor do such activities,” Clashing said. Ultimately we can say, ‘Yeah, there was a culture shock that happened to us across the Atlantic, but we don’t let that dictate what we do anymore.

This year’s race included athletes from Spain, South Africa, Antigua, Uruguay, the United States and Great Britain. At a time when many sporting events have changed or been drastically suspended, the race – one of the most socially distant races in the world – could move forward.

As Harrison neared the final weeks of her flight, the weather remained calm and the surface of the water shivered to “the brightest turquoise I have ever seen,” she said on a satellite phone on February 12, followed by a group of Reiso dolphins. . Hair for hours. A blue whale rolled next to it, and the white tooth-like tip of the fin came close to the height of its oars.

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