“I hope the FIA ​​does not make this mandatory.”

"I hope the FIA ​​does not make this mandatory."

Masashi Yamamoto believes F1 will once again face some challenges in 2021. For example, the continuation of the inaugural season in Australia remains uncertain. However, vaccinating the entire Formula 1 field is not the answer, according to the Honda CEO.

“It’s just my personal opinion at the moment, but I think the 2021 season will be similar to the 2020 season. The Formula One circuit will move into social bubbles.”Yamamoto expected in an interview with AS-web. So the CEO will not work from Japan next year. I will be in the UK and attend the same matches as in 2020. ‘

Will F1 Calendar 2021 remain the same?

Liberty Media recently released a calendar for 2021, but we shouldn’t be surprised if matches are canceled again due to the coronavirus. There are rumors currently that the Australian Grand Prix is ​​in danger due to pollution figures and this makes it difficult for everyone in Formula 1.

Is it safe to allow it to happen in Melbourne? “It will depend on the coming months. Usually we will start arranging full logistics services in December, but we cannot do that because the virus has spread again in December. We will start as soon as possible from the beginning that can start years now.”

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Formula 1 and fortification

If everyone gets a vaccine soon, then Formula 1’s fears might diminish. Yet Yamamoto does not support getting everyone vaccinated. “I hope the FIA ​​doesn’t make this mandatory, although this is only a personal opinion. This is because many doctors I know have told me that there is no way to make a vaccine available so quickly and that the risks must be taken into account., Close.

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