“I heard Van der Poel is better than Switzerland.”

"I heard Van der Poel is better than Switzerland."


Bruyneel calls Van der Poel, along with Julian Alaphilippe, the top candidate in the first two stages. “Especially Van der Paul, actually. Those first two stages are his big goal in the Tour de France. By taking yellow he honors his grandfather Raymond Bouldor, then I think because of the Olympics he won’t be in the race for very long. Tour stays. He plays It’s all in the first weekend.” Lance Armstrong agrees with his former athletic director. “We know his numbers, his potential. Three kilometers with an average of six percent. Who the hell is going to stay at the wheel? Woot Van Airt? Oh, did he have surgery on his appendix? I should have given more attention, but he won’t keep the wheel.” “.

Bruyneel: “The bursts of power we had from Van der Poel in Switzerland, Alaphilippe didn’t even come close. And what I heard from those close to him is that Van der Poel apparently is better than he did in Switzerland. He just came from altitude training and didn’t do any training.” Specific. What I’ve heard is that they’re ready for the yellow jersey. And what I love is that Matthew, if he takes the yellow, doesn’t drive all in yellow. But with black pants. That’s a little scoop, yeah.” Then Armstrong responds in his own way. “This is a big scoop big deal Mine. Black pants have style. Riders who want to ride all yellow? you are kidding? Then you walk around like a banana.”

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    Lance Armstrong

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    Matthew van der Pol

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