Hyundai with more details on upcoming Ioniq models

Hyundai with more details on upcoming Ioniq models

When Hyundai clarified that its electric vehicles were operating under the brand name Collected under the Ioniq branding, Ioniq 6 and 7 should also be launched in 2022 and 2024.

SUV models have individual model numbers and sedan numbers.

As for the US launch of the Ioniq 5, the Korean automaker has loosened its headscarves a bit, Carscopes writes.

The Ionic 6 sedan will arrive in the US at the end of next year to replace the original Hyundai Ionik that went on sale a few years ago. The car is built on Hyundai’s eGMP platform and will therefore be engineered at 800 volts.

It comes with two-wheel drive, four wheels and a 73 kWh battery. All-wheel drive model has a maximum engine power of 230 kW. The simplest type has a 160 kW motor. The range must be more than 483 kilometers, but it is unclear which variant this applies.

Hyundai prophecy. Photo: Hyundai

Based on Hyundai forecast

The car is based on the Hyundai Prophecy concept introduced in 2020. The end result is still a bit low in terms of concept.

The next model will be the Ioniq 7 in 2024. This model will be a family SUV, with three rows of seats, six or seven seats. All-wheel drive will be optional and the engine power will be the same as that of the Ioniq 6230 kW. The site writes that the battery should have a capacity of 100 kWh.

Not much is known about this model yet.

The first new model from Ioniq is already for sale. The first customer cars arrived in the country on May 14. For me, at the time of writing, 43 Ioniq 5 is registered on Norwegian banners.

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The Ioniq 5 is the first vehicle on the eGMP platform on which the Ioniq models will also be built.

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