Hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilled into California’s coastal waters

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilled into California's coastal waters

Large quantities of oil spilled into the ocean off the coast of California over the weekend, believed to have come from a pipeline explosion at a nearby oil rig. American media, including Los Angeles Times. Several dead fish and birds have washed ashore in the final hours at Huntington Beach, which is located about 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

A municipality spokesman estimates that about 480,000 liters of oil ended up in coastal waters. The oil slick extends over an area of ​​more than 33 square kilometres. Although the leak has not yet been completely repaired, the first repair work has already been carried out. The reason for the hack is unknown.

The authorities are calling on everyone to stay away from the oily beach for now. Tangible consequences of the leak on biodiversity, among other things, have yet to be revealed, but officials tell Los Angeles Times Already take into account the “significant environmental consequences”.

The fuel leak is already larger than in 2007 in San Francisco Bay. Due to the collision of a container ship with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, more than 200,000 liters of bunker fuel (crude fuel oil and kerosene) spilled into the bay at that time. About 6800 birds were killed.

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