Hundreds of thousands of Americans out of power after snow storm | abroad

Hundreds of thousands of Americans out of power after snow storm |  abroad

A violent blizzard on the east coast of the United States on Monday caused major blackouts and major disruption to traffic. In Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, there are about 660,000 homes without electricity. In some areas, it is expected that it will take days to restore power.

Snow fell in Virginia 37 cm and in Maryland more than 39 cm. More than 20 centimeters of snow fell in the American capital, Washington, in a few hours.

The federal government had already called on civil servants and other employees on Sunday not to come to work on Monday. As a result, the roads in the city were almost empty. The reopening of dozens of schools after the Christmas holidays has been postponed to Thursday.

US President Joe Biden was also affected by the snowstorm. He was late to return from his hometown of Delaware on the government plane. The plane had to wait half an hour before landing at a military airport. According to the accompanying journalists, the car ride to the White House was also slow due to the snow.

Trucks stuck in ice along the highway. © AP

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