Hundreds of thousands of American homes without electricity after Storm Henry

Hundreds of thousands of American homes without electricity after Storm Henry

The storm made landfall in the US state of Rhode Island, but Henry’s effects are also being felt in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. The Dutch in New York told RTL Nieuws yesterday how they are preparing for the storm’s arrival.

flooded streets

A hurricane was expected, but as Henry approached the American coast, it weakened into a tropical storm. However, as a result of the storm, at least 140,000 families were without electricity.

In New York, nearly two inches of water fell into Central Park in one hour, the New York Times reported. Never before has so much rain fallen in such a short time in the area. Motorists got stuck because of the flooded streets.

Severe storms don’t often travel as far north as the United States. The last time the area was hit by a hurricane was in 1985.

Then the power grid on Long Island was destroyed, and it took weeks to restore electricity. The local network operator warned of electrical problems before Henry arrived.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who will step down tomorrow after accusations of sexual misconduct, declared a state of emergency in the state on the penultimate day.

US President Joe Biden also called on residents of the region to be vigilant. Not only heavy rainfall, but also wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour are dangerous.

Chaos in Tennessee

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the United States, in Tennessee, at least 22 people died yesterday in floods after heavy rains. The army was deployed in

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