Hundreds of protesters arrested at pro-Navy rallies in Russia

Hundreds of protesters arrested at pro-Navy rallies in Russia

The demonstrations began around seven in the evening. The largest turnout was expected in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thousands of protesters gathered in the center of Moscow. Navalny’s team asked them to demonstrate right outside the Kremlin’s walls, but the police managed to prevent this with roadblocks.

Police have been banned

In Moscow, police arrested Navalny’s spokesman, Kira Yarmisch, and one of his closest aides, in the morning. Her lawyer said that Germash was accused of organizing the illegal meeting.

In St. Petersburg, the police intervened when supporters of the opposition leader advanced to the Hermitage. There, protesters faced a police siege. It is not clear how many people took part in the protests in Russia.

Navalny’s supporters are demanding the release of the Russian opposition leader being held in a criminal colony. They also want him to receive proper medical care.

According to doctors, the Russian is currently in poor condition. Three weeks ago I go on a hunger strike. Last year, he was poisoned with the nerve gas novichok – the Kremlin is believed to be behind the attack, but President Putin contradicts it.

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