Huge investment in Apple: 430 billion euros and 20,000 new jobs | right Now

Huge investment in Apple: 430 billion euros and 20,000 new jobs |  right Now

Tech giant Apple wants to create 20,000 new jobs in the next five years. The American company also wants to build a new campus in the eastern United States and make many other investments in the home country. This includes an amount of at least $ 430 billion (€ 356 billion). Apple announced this on Monday.

For example, three thousand new campus jobs in North Carolina that have yet to be built will be created. The focus is mainly on artificial intelligence, software development and other technologies.

Apple also wants to invest $ 110 million (about 91 million euros) in North Carolina in good internet connections, as well as in infrastructure such as bridges and roads. Schools can also look forward to a financial injection. The tech company also wants to spend billions on 5G innovations in nine other US states.

These and other investments should guarantee the growth of the workforce of about twenty thousand people in the coming years. Apple already employs more than 140,000 people. Apple did not disclose anything about investments outside the US on Monday.

The company also appears to be using advertising to gain support from the US government and the general public. For example, Apple reports that it has paid $ 45 billion (37 billion euros) in income tax in the United States in the past five years. This makes her, in her own words, the largest taxpayer in the country.

The company also reported that it creates 2.7 million jobs locally. Not only within the company, but also with suppliers and other business partners.

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