How to view Microsoft Office documents in Google Chrome

How to view Microsoft Office documents in Google Chrome

Being able to deal with our office documents, such as a spreadsheet or text, from Chrome is something that can be very useful and very convenient, in addition to the fact that with the system that we are going to show you, everything works really very well.

Microsoft Office in Chrome

To achieve our goal of getting all Chrome documents in Google browser, we have to install the same free Office extension. he is Extension We will achieve that we can access all Microsoft suite applications and all documents that we have created, either on the computer or if we save them in the OneDrive cloud, we will be able to work with them from the browser and we will even have a list of our latest work.

To install and run the Office extension we must perform the following steps, which, as you will see, are very simple and easy.

  • Once installed in the browser, we will see an icon appear in the upper right of the screen with the Office icon.
  • If by chance did not seeSince there are many plugins installed, you should click on the black icon that appears next to your profile picture (top left), so that in this way we can see all of the extensions we have. It should be marked with the pin icon in blue, if not, click on it and we will see it in that list.

Office extension icon

  • Now that we have the visible range, it is time for that Click the icon To make it look like a window where we should start Microsoft account (Be it professional or educational), which should be the same we use for Office.
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Sign up for the Office extension for Chrome

  • From now on, we will be able to use the Office apps in the Chrome browser.

How does the Office Chrome extension work?

Once signed in, we’ll see how the Office icon is now the natural color we see in the Windows program itself. If we want to open a document from any Microsoft office suite application in the browser, we just have to do the following:

  • Click on icono de Office From the existing list of Chrome extensions, as we have already seen at the top right.
  • Now we choose Download and open To choose which Office document we want to open, whether we have it in our OneDrive account or if it is on our computer’s hard drive. At that moment, Windows File Explorer will open and we will be able to search for the document we want.

Extensión Chrome Office

  • Once you choose the file, It will open in Chrome The version they prepared for the browser from Microsoft Office, as we will be able to perform the vast majority of the functions we have in the original Office.

Word en Chrome

We have another option to work with various programs that include Office. We just have to click on one of the icons that appear when we open the extension, to show us all the Office applications we have like: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Excel, and OneNote.

If we click on any of these icons, the program we have chosen will open automatically and we can We operate the same way we did in the original-Ability to open a document or create a document from scratch.

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Excel Paragraph Chrome

This extension is free and works very well to display any Office file wherever it is, but it is also true that we must have the official program and as you know it is paid.

Other free extensions

Online document viewer

We have another option to view Microsoft Office documents in our Chrome browser, but we are geared towards our navigation. It is another extension called Docs Online Viewer.

With this extension installed in the browser, every time we find a link to a Microsoft Office document, we’ll see how Small blue icon Next to the link. The icon will even appear on the Google search results page.

Google Chrome

If we click on this icon, we will see how the Office document opens automatically in the browser. We can see the documents in the form DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, and XLSIt also provides the ability to view files CSV, PDF, and RTF, Among other things.

With this extension, we will only be able to read documents, so it is much less efficient and functional than its predecessor, but it has the privacy of accommodating any of the formats directly from the navigation that we can do every day with Chrome.

Office edition

We can also use the Office version to view and edit files from Word, Excel y PowerPoint. So we can manage spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents from the browser itself. And all of this can be achieved without the need to install Microsoft office on the computer.

The formulas it corresponds to are DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX. We can interact with these documents and then save them in any of these same formats, since they are Office formats.

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Office edition

It’s a free way to make sure that we can not only open the Office documents we want in the browser, but also that we can modify them, although we don’t expect it to have as many possibilities as we do in the official extension. Yet it is It was done well.

How were you able to see, open and interact with the different types of files that we can use in Office in our Google Chrome browser, this can be achieved in different ways.

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