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Windows 11, a product of Microsoft, one of the multinational technology companies in the United States, began to be used a few days ago.


It is also worth noting that most of the people around the world are using Windows as a platform to enable their PC to function. Microsoft was the first to introduce the Windows operating system in 1985. Then Windows 1.0. Gradually, Windows has grown to version 11 today.

Let’s see how this new version is updated on the system?

You can update Windows 11 on your PC for free. Microsoft issues a notification call to each user. Doing it overnight is a challenge for millions of users. At the same time, users can update their computers operating system automatically without a call from Microsoft. This requires some minimum requirements on the user’s computer. Listed by Microsoft.

Users who want to update Windows 11 on their PC can first go to Settings > Windows Update and check and verify. If no details about the update appear, users need to install the “Microsoft PC Health” app on their PC.


You can then run the application and test it to see if your PC supports Windows 11 update. Let’s move on to the next step when it comes to “This PC meets the requirements for Windows 11”.

What are the requirements for Windows 11?

> Processor must be 1 gigahertz (GHz) or compatible 64-bit processor or SoC.

You must have >4 GB of RAM.

> You must have a device with a storage capacity of 64 GB or more in terms of storage.

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> You must have a unified interface for the extended firmware.

> TPM must be version 2.0.

> The graphics card must have a high-resolution display.

> Also requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account.

Once the user’s computer completes these requirements, you can easily go to the Windows 11 software download page and update to the new operating system.


Users can update the new operating system in three ways: Windows 11 installation assistant, creating 11 installation media, and downloading a Windows 11 disk image (ISO). Windows 11 Installation Assistant is very easy. It allows you to update Windows 11 directly on your PC in minutes.

You will need to use USB and DVD when following the next two methods. Then you will have to update the new version with these extensions.

There should be 9GB of free disk space when updating with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

You can download Windows 11 in the next few minutes by clicking the Download Now button. Then click Run > Accept and Install > Restart Now and Windows 11 installation will start. This installation process takes about 30 to 50 minutes. Once this is done, you can boot the system with the support of the new operating system.


It should be noted that the system is restarted more than twice during this installation. It’s good to have power and an uninterrupted internet connection.

Click here to install Windows 11!

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