How to Speed ​​Up Old Android Phone Top 5 Tips – How to Speed ​​Up Old Smartphone Just follow these 5 tips

How to Speed ​​Up Old Android Phone Top 5 Tips - How to Speed ​​Up Old Smartphone Just follow these 5 tips

There are a lot of people in India, their smartphone is getting old and their phone speed is also slow, forcing people to face a lot of trouble. Sometimes the phone hangs even after receiving important calls, which causes the phone to turn off and on again. Today we are going to tell you about some of these new and latest tips and after you follow them your old smartphone speed will be faster.

Update your system software

The smartphone comes with an OS version and with the passage of time, it receives many recent updates. If the user will use the old version in his phone, the phone speed will be slow. Today we will tell you how to update a smartphone. For this, go to the settings of the smartphone and there you will get the option to update the phone in the About phone option. Keep in mind that this option may also vary.

Update your phone apps

Besides updating your smartphone, keep updating your apps on time. Oftentimes, due to apps not being updated, one of the apps becomes sluggish, which slows down the response. App updates fix bugs and make new features available. To update apps, you can also update all your apps at once by going to the Google Playstore.

Clear browser cache and unused apps

After a year or two of using any smartphone, do you know how many files are downloaded in it, how many unnecessary applications and many unnecessary photos. Not only this, browsing cache files accumulate in large quantities. There are different processes to delete all these things, like going to the file manager, you can check the download and remove the unnecessary files. Cache files can also be viewed in the file manager itself. Apart from this, by going to the apps menu, you can see the non-essential apps, go to the gallery, and see and remove unnecessary photos.

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Install lite versions of your favorite apps

Cheap and entry-level smartphones have less storage space and less RAM. For such a phone, it is necessary to use the Lite version in it. Although the lite version of every app is not available, we have to use the lite version of the apps whose lite versions are available.

factory settings

If the phone speed is not affected even after the above methods, you can choose the factory reset option, which will delete all unnecessary files, apps and many other contents from the phone. Keep in mind, before you back up your phone.

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