How to recover deleted Snapchat memories

Snapchat is another most popular multimedia & social messaging application that works on both iOS & Android versions. It was launched in 2011 and become more popular across then millennials and teens worldwide within a short time. There are numerous methods to recover deleted Snapchat memories through the online platform. This app will allow users to chat with their friends through snaps (mini-videos or images) or text messages and follow other user accounts. Filters are one of the most popular features available within the Snapchat app.

Ensure that only the saved memories can be able to retrieve from the Snapchat application. Check your Memories section and see whether the old snaps are saved or not. You can access the entire saved snaps by swiping up through the Snapchat home screen. In case if the memories are not saved or deleted then it is essential to take some important measures. It is possible to link your cloud account, checking your device’s cache files, or make use of recovery tools to recover deleted memories.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories through Recoverit Recovery Software

Users can make use of the Recoverit Recovery Software to recover the deleted Snapchat memories. Recoverit Snapchat Data Recovery is another trusted application and utilized by numerous million users across the globe. The latest technology will assist the users to restore or retrieve everything from any internal or external drive. Users can also preview the entire date before retrieving or recovering through the high-success recovery goal.

Connecting your Android Device

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Your Android mobile phone is the main device that includes the Snapchat images, which need to be retrieved or recovered. Make use of a reference device by connecting the Android device along with its storage SD card. Ensure that your mobile will work as an external device and should recognize the computer before starting the recovery process.

Choosing the appropriate External Device

Choose your Android mobile device from the drop-down list as the target location. Press the “Start” icon and allow the software to start the scanning process.

Scanning the Android Device

After starting the scanning process, it will scan the entire location to identify the target files. Users can also resume or pause the scanning process at any time.

Preview & Recover Photos

After successfully completing the scanning process, users can preview or view the Snapchat images. Select the list of images within the application that needs to be recovered. Now, press the “Recover” icon. Ensure that you are saving those images to a safe location for future access.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories through Google (Android)

By default, every Android mobile phones will directly link with a Google account for saving the memories on the cloud. It is much easier to recover the deleted memories by syncing the Snapchat information using your Google account. Open up a web browser and visit the Google Photos’ official website or enable the device syncing feature. Follow the below steps on how to recover deleted Snapchat memories through a Google account:

  • Access your Google account (Gmail) that is already registered on your mobile phone. Navigate to access the Google Photos section and check whether the images are stored on the cloud
  • If so, just select the list of images and download the same to your local computer system. Later, it is possible to transfer the images to your Android mobile phone
  • Alternatively, users can access the Google Photos app and check for the Archives section. If the images are not available then it is advisable to check the Trash folder as well
  • Choose the list of images within the folder and press the “Recover” icon to recover deleted Snapchat memories to your device
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Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories through Device Cache (Android)

It is also possible to recover deleted Snapchat memories on your Android device by clearing the cache files. Users must access the file system on their Android device. Make use of the File Manager or Explorer app for accessing the file system. Users can also connect their device to a Windows PC to access the file system. It is advisable to visit the website for more information.

After accessing the internal storage on your device, you must browse & locate the Snapchat folder. It is automatically saved within the folder by accessing the Data folder. Now, browse & locate the Cache folder to view the list of saved images. Change the image extensions and transfer them to another location for future use.

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