How to get reckless complexion for free in the Trios Cup, time and rules

How to get reckless complexion for free in the Trios Cup, time and rules

It is an electronic game Another tournament series begins today, starting with a Triple Cup and reaching a $ 1,000,000 tournament next month on November 21, a date that remains elusive. Today’s bonus, however, is much less valuable, at least from some points of view: It’s Daredevil’s luxurious new complexion, which players can get for free and early, before it hits the Item Shop on October 17th. Here’s what to know.

First: The Basics: The tournament will take place on October 14 from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm at least in my region, which is Northeast America. If you want to make sure you’re logged in at the right time, check the in-game events tab.

The game mode will be a triple championship in Marvel Knockout, which uses the Marvel superpowers that have been revolving around the game this season. Within three hours of the event, you can play up to ten matches, with points awarded based on position

  • First place: 25 points
  • Second place: 10 points
  • 3rd to 4th: 5 points
  • From the fifth to the eighth: 3 points
  • From the ninth to the sixteenth: 1 point

When everything is done and dusted off, the best players from each region will get Daredevil’s skin for free. There are quite a number of awards that are given, even if you talk statistically about reading this article, it definitely won’t win any. Check the official rules for how many roofs will be served for each region.

And that’s it! Log into the competition to test your strength and see if you can win the skin. It’s too bad that there’s no winners exclusive style or anything like that: Your ability to swagger like someone who totally owns the tournament will be limited to two days, and then any Yahoo with some V-bucks can snag the skin if he wants. But on those two days, you can dance around the parlor and let everyone know that you are the best.

We’ll see what happens to the rest of these Cups as we head towards the main event in November. I’d love to see more skin rewards like the kind they do here, but I still wanted to see the game implement some kind of cosmetic that’s easy to get, like an icon or something you get by putting it in the top 50%. As it stands, most players have no reason to be involved in things like this.

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