How to fix the error on Orange TV

How to fix the error on Orange TV

The staff It allows you to watch your TV on many devices. For example, we can watch pay TV on mobile phones, televisions, computers, tablets, multimedia players, TVs, and anything that has a screen. However, playing certain content away from home or on multiple devices at the same time can become an impossible task.

With football, for example, the operators do not allow watching content away from home on a device such as a mobile phone. And even at home, you may have issues when it comes to playing it on multiple devices according to screen size.

Problems using two devices at the same time on Orange

Some Orange users frequently complain that an error appears saying:This content is displayed simultaneously on multiple devices. Please end playback on one of them and try again.” Another error that may appear is “This channel is being watched on another device“.

Orange TV allows you to get files Up to five paired devices To view their content, but this is only possible View the same content on two devices same time. It is possible to watch the content on a third device, as long as the content displayed on it is different from the previous two devices, one with Orange Deco and a smart TV with the Orange TV app.

However, when it comes to seeing a file same content At the same time on two devices in Orange, keep in mind that the type of device can limit your viewing experience. For example, with Movistar football channels, such as Movistar Liga de Campeones or Movistar LaLiga, it is necessary to have one device with a large screen and another with a small screen.

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These are all sets of devices

And so, on a device with a large screen, like deco, a Smart TV, Chromecast or Fire TV StickIt is possible to watch the content in high definition. To be able to view content on a second device, it is necessary that the second device has a small screen like a Smartphones, tablets or computers. And on this second device, the Quality will be limited to SD.

In the above table we can see which devices we can integrate. For example, we can use Smart TV and mobile app, but not the Smart TV app and deco to watch on another TV. What we can do, for example, is watch it on a Smart TV, then get a Fire TV Stick and watch it on another TV, although in this second case it’s in limited quality.

In case you get the error even though you are not watching TV on the device, you should Change channels before turning off the TV. If you turn it off without changing the channel, the deco will keep the session open so you can’t put the same channel on another device.

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