How the streets of Bucha were filled with corpses

How the streets of Bucha were filled with corpses

People staying in their shelters are also at risk. Residents later said that Russian soldiers are moving from the basement to the basement. “They forced us to our knees,” Vyacheslav Kozlovsky told Belarusian news site FootTak. “I had some money and I wore a watch. They took everything, just like the others. The Russian army searched identity documents for signs of military service in eastern Ukraine, says Kozlovsky. “They shot these people on the spot.” People are also being shot Those with tattoos of Ukrainian symbols or anti-Russian messages on their phones.

Eyewitnesses to the executions say that the soldiers are not sensitive to signs of surrender. They say to some of the guests “Why, why?” They shout and raise their hands. They were all shot.

“Uncle Yuri,” as he is known in his neighborhood, wears a piece of white cloth around his arm to show that he is defenseless. He visits homes to bring bread to people in hiding. He was also found dead.

The number of bodies is so great that the mortuary is filling up. The cemetery is not accessible. Anton Dovgopol, director of the local hospital, believes that something must be done. He later said that he sees dogs already chewing corpses Kyiv Independent† He received permission from Russian soldiers to dig a large pit next to the Orthodox Church. He and a group of colleagues threw 67 bodies in them.

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