How the Netflix series Harry and Meghan seems to be winning hearts in the US

How the Netflix series Harry and Meghan seems to be winning hearts in the US

The documentary “Harry and Meghan”, about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, sparked outrage in Britain. But in the US, the couple is seen as a “myth couple” winning a “PR strategy”.


according to Good morning BritainCorrespondent Noel Phillips, the new Netflix series, the first three episodes of which were released on Thursday, can count on “mixed reactions” in the United States. But at the same time, the story will also “go viral” with the audience.

“The feeling is that the couple is winning with their PR marketing strategy. Harry and Meghan are not only rewriting the royal story we’ve all known so far, but they’re creating this brand-new American fairy tale that seems to be picking up on a lot of people. For example, I spoke previously to a woman She had watched the series with tears in her eyes and really said it A couple of goals used to be.”

Another guy said he expected a lot of drama and then asked me: Is your country really that biased and outdated when it comes to assets?Then Phillips said he spoke to a relative of George Floyd. The person is said to have said, “We would be happy to take matters into their own hands if Britain did not want to know about them.”

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More cautious

Other presenters also noted the importance of the series. For example, CBS’ Gayle King, the show’s host and friend of Markle, said it was “a good thing” that the couple “finally have their say.” CBS correspondent Holly Williams said the series was “beautifully produced” which “allowed us to look inside a couple victimized by the press”. Some will say it is a Upscale reality show But it is also a sharp criticism of the British media and its relationship with the royal family.

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Others were more careful. For example, NBC Today reporter Keir Simmons pointed to claims by the royals that none of them had been approached for comment, though Netflix said they declined to comment. Correspondent Katie Nicholl also notes that the couple were paid handsomely for the production of the documentary. According to NBC News, the series also provides “a bit of new information” about the couple.

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