How the cap became a fashion element

How the cap became a fashion element

If there’s a must-have item for men, it’s the cap. The beanie or cap can be combined with many clothing styles and give each outfit the final touch. This makes wearing a hat very hip. In addition to making a fashion statement, there are many good reasons to wear a hat. For example, it is very practical. If you’re a typical outdoor athlete, a hat keeps your head warm and your face and eyes some protection. Is there a bad hair day lurking? Don’t worry, with a good cover you won’t see any of that. Are you also a fan of the fashion phenomenon and are you curious where this all-time favorite originated from? You will discover it in this article. Additionally, we put AB cover in the spotlight.

Snapback Cover

First of all, there are different types of caps, each with its own name. Flat brim adjustable baseball cap is also known as snapback. Unlike trucker hats and other types of hats, the snapback does not have a pre-curved top. The flat edge is also the cool thing about this type of cap, so you don’t want to bend the edge either. You can also recognize snapbacks by the snap closure at the back with which you can adjust this snapback to a one-size-fits-all. After they seemed to have disappeared from the radar for so long, the snapback cap is now widely worn again. That’s thanks to celebrities inside and out.

pet statement

Of course we don’t forget the baseball cap either. This model cap became popular as a fashion accessory in the ’90s. Top rappers from the United States started wearing baseball caps to make a statement and to show the neighborhood or city they came from. People still wear a baseball cap to convey a message, for example to show that they are a fan of a Formula 1 driver or a particular sports team. Trucker cap has also become an integral part of the street scene. With a slightly curved top at the front, the design of a trucker hat resembles a baseball cap. However, they do have one big difference.

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The baseball cap is made entirely of twill, but the front of the trucker cap is made of foam and the rest of the mesh (a kind of plastic mesh) for ventilation. Just like the snapback cap, the trucker cap can be adjusted to the appropriate size using a plastic compression system.

Headwear AB

If you want to give the final touch to your clothes, you can choose from countless beautiful brands. AB Lifestyle is a Dutch fashion label founded in 2015 as a line of high-end caps. These caps – whose face was the professional football player Alexander Buettner – quickly became such a hit that the brand name was renamed from AB Caps to AB Lifestyle. The Star Lifestyle Brand philosophy is built upon the very solid foundation of AB Cap. This season’s headwear collection features trucker hats that are available in a variety of models such as the Retro Trucker Cap 2Tone, the Velvet Trucker Cap and the Premium Retro Trucker Cap. The choice of color varies from gray hood to black trucker hood and all kinds of crazy colors in between. Combine your favorite clothes with AB clothes and complete your look.

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