How ready are you for IT jobs?

How ready are you for IT jobs?
How ready are you for IT jobs?

Here are the techniques

IT companies are preparing for employment. So far, companies have relied on skills to choose appointments on campus. But now on their side, the ‘Real-time action’ offering plays a major role in options. The only way to do this is to help students develop an internship experience. So far, companies have been less likely to attend colleges and make selection processes. Everything is open competition. Any qualified undergraduate student can participate in the selection process and achieve success!

Students hoping to get jobs should not only use real-time apps but also know their jobs. If you are interested, here you may find IT jobs

There are three types of applications.

1. Information Technology Applications: All students use many applications. Swiggy to order food online; Uber to book a taxi; Mobile applications such as Book My Show are used for movie tickets. Get used to the realization that these are all IT applications and that they are being used to reduce human labor. In addition, they should be interested in knowing how they are developed and functions.

2. Integrated applications: Applications that integrate code into the device. To give a small example – mechanical knobs are used before changing channels and volume on TV. But now we are using the remote control. The code / software included in this remote control can be used to realize ups and downs by showing channels / audio to us. So far the code has been integrated into many hardware applications for electronics, electrical and mechanical, making their work easier. There is also the possibility to manage the data efficiently.

3. Hardware applications: These are just hardware applications for basic engineering disciplines such as electronics, electrical, and mechanical.

What is a real time job offer?

Let’s see what kind of understanding a student has about the real-time app. Until now I had to go to the hotel and eat. Otherwise, we can go by ourselves and go home. But the young man’s idea of ​​what it would be like to order food online with an IT application and development at home has evolved into a tacky one. With the help of this application, all hotel owners can register and show their food details to whoever requests it, and whoever requests it can choose the food they want and pay the amount due to them. Swiggy Delivery Boys picks up the food from the hotel and delivers it to the home of the person who ordered it. Swiggy charges a fee for this.

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Think now. How often does the revenue come from hotels because of technology alone more than the income from running a hotel! Hundreds of billions of companies using similar technology are pushing the young world forward with their ideas. Standing as a guide to others.

In order to come up with such ideas, you need to increase your awareness from your first year of engineering into real-time applications that humanity can use in real life. By searching the internet, anyone familiar with working for companies can raise awareness of these applications through them. By doing so, you will be able to memorize concepts and develop skills in terms of how they are used in everyday life rather than just passing exams. With this arrangement, you can easily plan your internship setup.

For IT product companies.

Product companies need a higher level of preparation. First you need to master advanced data structures and algorithms. Complex coding problems should be practiced, especially with trees, graphs, undo, and dynamic programming. Choose online coding platforms like Hawker Rank, Hawker Earth, Code Chef, and Lead Code to practice your coding. Participation in corporate-organized hackathons when there is some capacity.

The power of problem solving

The primary skill required for any application is problem solving. The skill to solve each problem logically is important. Enhances numerical ability, aptitude / logical / analytical reasoning problems in aptitude. Unlike formulas, you need to practice plotting the problem internally, math it in your mind and come up with a solution. For example, if a kilogram of sugar reached fifty rupees in the store last week, it becomes two hundred for four kilograms. And how much sugar would you get if there was a twenty percent discount on the kilogram this week? This is a problem with the profit and loss separation. In order to increase problem-solving power one must be able to make the calculation with this in mind. Anyway – twenty percent discount for fifty rupees minus ten rupees. That’s forty kilos! Forty rupees less for four kilograms. This means an extra kilogram will come. Solving such problems will improve the problem solving power. This skill is useful for applying logic in coding. But in order to do the programming, one must first know the syntax (programming language). Programming should start with C, Data Structures in the first year.

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Coding skills

Students are advised to start programming in their second year. This requires learning one of the Java or Python languages. The CSC branch keeps coding for them. So it would be nice to learn Java. This is because most of the interview questions are written in Java. Suitable for other branches if they are learning Python. Coding in Python is easier than in Java. Aside from these two, you can learn any language that interests you.

You can choose a language from 10 to 15 languages ​​for your coding question on the online test and coding in that language. If you have learned a language with DS, you are ready to encode problem phrases! The first step is to start coding with the simplest terms of the problem. Then the averages should be practiced. To reach this level, you are ready for the service division selection process for companies like TCS and Infosys. Companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro offer training and certification on their websites without students having to rely on others.

Project experience is important

If you have developed skills and real-time exposure throughout the second year, you should begin searching for training from the beginning of the third year. Create a LinkedIn profile and search for training posts on a daily basis. At the company level, the experience that comes with a project is more important than the salary. Choose with this in mind. Adobe offers engineering student internships for two and three years with a stipend of Rs 1 lakh per month. Large companies like Google / Goldman Sachs, mid-sized companies like OpenText / Jemoso, and many smaller companies offer training opportunities.

It is very easy to get a job if you do an internship. The opportunities are greater if you are training in digital technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, and black chain. One of the important things is that in order to land a job at a product company like Microsoft / Amazon with a salary in excess of thirty thousand, you must have at least six months of training experience in product development applications.

Everybody’s chance

At the end of the third year, companies make appointments on campus. Students should take a look at the selection patterns of the companies involved on the various websites and prepare accordingly. This roadmap must be followed with discipline and confidence that it can be achieved.

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Soft skills‌

Technical skills alone are not enough. Correct technical communication and position is required to express it in interviews or to consult with coworkers after joining the position. Content is important in technical communication. That is the essence, being able to speak clearly and freely is a good but not as important thing. Many students fall behind when it comes to language. In fact, language is slowly coming to the same thing. To develop this, you need to practice related verbal / English antonyms, synonyms and reading comprehension. You need to talk frequently with friends or those who can speak English to improve your conversation.

Without being empty.

You’d better get a job with a company that manages the selection first. The biggest company you can try. Don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t come. Hundreds of companies still have opportunities to set up. It is difficult to travel abroad in these cowardly conditions so it is best to get a job offer and work here for a while. Students studying in the second and third year of engineering should be ready with real-time work exposure, skills, and training experience by the fourth year. Real-time exposure awareness, problem-solving skills, technical communication, and programming skills can be developed by the end of the first semester of the third year to undertake the second semester training. For those in their fourth year, those who have completed Bee Tech have several company opportunities right now. They need to develop the skills companies expect and participate in relevant options. Experience comes from working on any project for free without being empty. This should make the job easier!

How to proceed?
Anyone in any field of engineering should understand what kind of applications they are interested in. For this, one must try to find out the functionality of the applications and not just their usage. Connect with those working on some of the apps that interest you and collect information. You need to take advice on how they are. So by the time you reach your second year of engineering, you should have chosen a topic that interests you. The employee who works on these apps should be designated as a mentor. – Venkat Kanchanapally, CEO, Suntech Corp.
(Campus Employment Training Institute)

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