How Putin stole the Patriots’ Super Bowl and kept it in the Kremlin

How Putin stole the Patriots' Super Bowl and kept it in the Kremlin

In the imposing 18th century Konstantinovsky Palace, wealthy gentlemen met with Russian President Putin, discussed the possibilities of business investment in the country.

In front of the cameras at the moment of closing the business circus, Will suggests to business friend Kraft, “Why don’t you show your ring to the boss?” Kraft takes the ring from his inner pocket and hands it to Putin.

In Putin’s jacket pocket

With great admiration, the formidable Russian president put on his finger and is said to have said, “I can kill a person with this ring.” Kraft counters: “Even without it you can kill someone. I was the head of the KGB.”

Then, Kraft told the New York Post in 2013, reaching out to ask for his ring to be returned. But Putin put the ring in his jacket pocket.

“Three KGB guys gathered around him and walked out of the room,” Kraft said. The incident immediately received a lot of attention around the world. Theft and writing for various media. The Kremlin feels the need to come up with a statement: Stolen? The ring was a gift.

A stab in Kraft’s heart. His beloved victory ring, he just took with him. Millionaire wants to get it back.

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