How Piastri’s tweet towards the Alpine F1 became a popular Twitter meme

How Piastri's tweet towards the Alpine F1 became a popular Twitter meme

Ronan Murphy and Lars Liftink

Oscar Piastre’s tweet and disapproval towards the Alps last weekend was the biggest talking point in Formula 1. However, the news came on the radar not only in the Formula 1 world, but also in other sports.

Formula 1 fans have taken to Twitter to issue an endless number of memes and jokes about the young driver’s reaction to Alpine’s announcement that he will drive for the French team next season. Alexander Albon also joked about it when Williams confirmed his seat for 2023. But it wasn’t just the F1 world that embraced the drama between Biastri and the Alps.


Other sports have also benefited from Biastri’s tweet. Spanish football club Sevilla has chosen Bayan Bistre to announce the transfer of Alex Telles. Borussia Dortmund’s English-language Twitter account used the same tweet to promote their televised matches in the US, while smaller teams such as Leamington FC made fun of their own tweet. Sports aside, budget airline Ryanair has done its part, while optician Specsavers has tried to get some free advertising by joining the conversation.

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