How do you know that your phone is hacked?

How do you know that your phone is hacked?

Nowadays, the smartphone has become the center of life, which makes it the ideal target for anyone who wants to steal your identity or defraud you financially. So watch for signs that your phone has been hacked.

In an article published by the American magazine “Reader’s Digest”, writer Joe McKinley touched on the signs that a smartphone has been hacked. “Understanding the signs of your phone being hacked begins with understanding the data set on your device, especially since your phone and computer are the two main communication devices you use on a daily basis,” says George Waller, CEO of Blocksafe Technologies.

Here are the most prominent signs that your phone has been hacked:

1- A significant increase in the use of Internet data
Using an app like Data Usage to see the amount of internet data your device has released, then looking for anomalies or long load times helps you know when that consumption is unexplained, which is an indication that monitoring software is installed on your phone.

2- Your phone battery drains quickly
The most obvious sign that your phone has been hacked is that it runs out of battery very quickly. Spyware is running in the background all the time, which means it uses power and drains your battery. And if your phone is constantly losing power, it’s possible that you’ve been hacked.

3- Your phone is overheating
Phone overheating even when not in use is a possible sign that internet data is being used up faster than usual. And if someone notices that they are exceeding their data consumption limits, it is possible that someone is spying on their private sessions.

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4- New apps appear on your phone screen
Hacked users may discover new, unfamiliar apps in the Apps menu or under Settings, which requires you to always check the running apps. And just in case anything seems to be working out of the ordinary, check if one of the apps draining your battery contains malware.

5- Your phone is streaming the video by itself
Having a user’s phone stream the video live on its own is one of the ways hackers use to monitor and eavesdrop on your activities. The user can be aware of this if his phone is constantly working or its battery is running out quickly, which then must check the Internet consumption and consider whether there is a surge in the consumption of Internet data.

6- Double the performance of your smartphone
If you experience delays in sending and receiving texts and performing other tasks with your phone, this could be a sign that your phone has been hacked. It is very difficult to get a feel for these things, but we must pay adequate attention to these subtleties.

7- Your phone makes calls and sends messages without your knowledge
A person whose phone has been hacked can notice a number of calls and messages that he did not make in his contact list. In this case, you should monitor this activity closely because some of the numbers that you will find may be evidence of who has hacked your phone.

8- Many annoying pop-ups appear
The appearance of annoying pop-ups and strange screen savers; Evidence that your phone is at risk of hacking. While most of these windows may not indicate that your phone has been compromised, some of them may be evidence that it has been infected with a type of malware known as “adware”, which forces phones to display certain advertisements to generate revenue by users clicking on them.

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9- Receive messages related to information security
If your phone has been hacked, you may notice some unusual activity, such as receiving information security-related messages letting you know that your email or social media account has been accessed using a new device, password-reset links, or verification messages that you’ve signed up for unauthorized accounts. You know her.”

10- There is an abnormal noise in the background of the phone
Noise, buzzing, and other strange sounds could be a sign that someone is eavesdropping on your line. Although all phones may make strange noises from time to time, you should check for other signs.

11- Not being able to turn off your phone
If you notice something strange happening to your mobile phone, try shutting it down, and observe your device’s reaction to the shutdown process. In fact, hacked phones don’t lock properly, and they may not lock at all even when you try to do so.

12- Block your emails
You may find that your official emails are being blocked by “email spam filters” because your messages appear to come from suspicious sources.

Three steps to take if you suspect your device has been hacked:

Matt Wilson, Senior Information Security Advisor at BTP Security advises the following steps:

Change important passwords: The importance of this point is to avoid changing the password using the device that you suspect has been hacked, as this way you will have revealed the new password to the hackers.

Adopt a multi-factor authentication mechanism: Everyone should do this whenever possible in order to avoid getting their device hacked. Many popular apps and services – such as Facebook, Google, and the apps of major banks – allow this mechanism to be activated. This method may not work when your device is at risk, but it helps reduce the possibility of your device being hacked.

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Restore your device: This can be a challenge, but today it is much easier than ever. This process depends on your device, as both Apple and Google provide clear and easy-to-apply directions for creating a backup.

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