Hotel of the Week in Switzerland: Great view of mountaintops and lakes | for travel

Hotel of the Week in Switzerland: Great view of mountaintops and lakes |  for travel

Some hotels need no fuss. There she arrives in a thick woolen tunic and on a rugged mountaineer with which she treks through the trails. When you get to your room, it is nice and warm. You walk straight to the window with rosy cheeks. Well, what a breathtaking view of those beautiful Swiss mountain peaks and lakes!

This nearly 200-year-old mountain hotel is located on top of the 1,798-meter “Queen of the Mountains”, Reggie Culm. We arrived from the village of Vitznau with the Rigibahn cogwheel along the fairytale road. Rigi is a mountainous region near Lucerne with such a typical Swiss landscape: in summer forests, meadows and grazing cows, in winter, postcard after postcard full of snow.

Going out and walking along the road is a possibility; There is a wide network of roads, all well equipped with Swiss-style signs and directions. A train passenger bravely recounts how, in the middle of winter, he sometimes jumped off the first train with sledges to be able to ski in the pristine snow.

Once at the summit, most visitors take the train to the valley later that day, and walk through a tunnel to reach the reception desk at this unique mountain hotel via an elevator. No narrow digital tickets for the room, but a real key attached to a reel. Tasty.

However, the rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities, such as a sleek shower with a nice powerful water jet, an open closet and a large TV. Moreover, a funny antique bench and table. It very well could have come from the Grand Hotel Schreiber, its castle-like predecessor which originated in the 19th century.

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Switzerland’s high society liked to stay here in the summer in the music room and restaurants where world-famous Escoffier, among others, cooks. Funny: in the current restaurant (a la carte section, Art Nouveau room), you can see the tea set that King Ludwig II of Bavaria brought with him when he came to stay.

An entirely new comfortable hotel was built in the 1950’s, and completely renovated in 2007. Little flashbacks can be found throughout the hotel, such as antique chandeliers and mirrors. This is what gives personality to this place.

Hotel guests will have this mountaintop to themselves at the end of the day. From the huge balcony I enjoy the scenic view. You can eat outside at the tables when the weather is nice. Choose the local specialty, Äplermagronen. With lots of cheese, cream, pasta, and calories, it’s a true mountain dish.


the interior

Wood and a lot of warm red. Director Rinat Capelli says that the color of the sunrise you can see is very beautiful here. The Käppeli family has run the unique hotel since 1949.


On top of the 1,798-meter Rigi Kulm, which can be reached by mountain railway from villages such as Arth-Goldau and Vitznau.


Lovely no nonsense staff. A place designated for pedestrians and walking.

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Prices start from 148 euros per night for a single room, and 219 euros for a double room.


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