‘Hostage’ Dubai Princess Latifa a possible target of Pegasus spyware | abroad

'Hostage' Dubai Princess Latifa a possible target of Pegasus spyware |  abroad

The phone numbers of Princess Latifa, daughter of the Emir of Dubai, and her allies are on the list of potential targets of the Pegasus spyware. Washington Post She wrote that the numbers were entered after Latifa tried to flee her homeland by boat in 2018.

Then she hoped to start a new life in the West, but the escape attempt was unsuccessful. It is still unknown how the authorities found her. She was said to have been detained after an escape attempt, but the UAE said she was being looked after by her family and medical professionals.

In June of this year, Princess Latifa gave a life imprint through her lawyer. That statement said she would be free to travel. A few months ago, the princess let out a cry for help as she was allegedly held hostage in a palace. Then she said she feared for her life.

50,000 songs

International media such as Watchman On Washington Post In recent days, it was published about the Pegasus spyware program of the Israeli company NSO Group. The program, according to the company, is intended to track down terrorists and criminals, but it may also have been used to enter the phones of heads of state, journalists and activists.

News organizations check a list of 50,000 phone numbers, all of which may be targeted by Pegasus. The NSO Group denied that the people on the list had been monitored.

Also mentioned in the list is the name of Princess Haya, one of the six wives of the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In 2019 she escaped from Dubai and in the period that followed her number was placed on the list.

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