Hospital stops treatment of British boy in coma tomorrow

Hospital stops treatment of British boy in coma tomorrow

The letter from the hospital to parents states that treatment will be stopped at 2pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning the doctors will discuss with the parents how this operation is done and how the parents can be with their son in his last hours. “You or your family may want to lie in bed with Archie or keep him, if possible,” the letter reads.

turn off the ventilation

According to his doctors, Archie is brain dead and turning off the ventilator is best for the boy. The odds of his recovery are said to be “none”.

The boy’s parents want doctors to continue treating him as long as his heart is still beating. They are supported in this by churches and other Christian organizations.

On July 15, it was decided on appeal to stop Archie’s treatment. This decision is in line with the previous ruling last June.

Fainting Challenge

His mother found Archie unconscious at home on April 7 with a bandage around his head. He has not regained consciousness since then. His mother suspects that he took part in an online challenge in which people try to pass out for a short time.

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