Horner would like to see an American driver come in: ‘more important than the second American team’

Horner would like to see an American driver come in: 'more important than the second American team'

Christian Horner believes it will boost the sport’s popularity in America if an American driver comes to drive in Formula 1. It would be a much bigger step for the sport than adding a second stable race from the United States, as could happen with Michael Andretti’s team. The condition for success is that the driver works well.

in conversation with Sky F1 The Red Bull Racing team boss talks about what it will take to rekindle the passion for Formula 1 in America once and for all. Andretti Global’s arrival may help, but there is a better way, according to Horner. “I think he’s bigger than the American driver, yeah. I think we need another Mario (Andretti, editor). You need an American driver who is competitive, who can compete up front.”

There are certainly American drivers who have the potential to make it into Formula 1. Also within the ranks of Red Bull there is talent from the United States. “There is some great young talent on the way, we have a guy to support in Formula 3, Jack Crawford. He is an exciting young talent, and there are other guys as well,” Horner said there are definitely potential American F1 drivers in the pipeline.

The American world champion is a matter of time

It will be very important for the popularity of sports in the country. The older the sport, the more children will come into contact with it at an early age and start racing as well. “I think with the excitement about Formula 1, I hope more boys and girls start young, and then it will only be a matter of time before we see an American driver as world champion,” he predicts.

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Success is the basis of popularity

It is important that the American entering the sport also achieve success. Driving in the middle of the field or the back guard will not have the desired effect, he knows from his own experience. ‘not enough. We did it with Scott Speed, he’s a good driver, we’ve supported him all the way from karting, but when the guys are in midfield it’s not enough.”

When there is a driver who can achieve success, the popularity of the sport can give a huge boost, as evidenced by the previous examples. Horner lists a number of examples of drivers who were the founders of Formula 1’s popularity in their home countries.

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