Hordeloopster Bol won the Diamond League Final again

Hordeloopster Bol won the Diamond League Final again

Photo: ANP

Vemke Ball once again won the 400m hurdles in the Diamond League final in Zurich. In addition to a prestigious award, this 22-year-old athlete from Amersfoort also earned €30,000. Last year, she actually won the final of the Grand Prix series in her favorite part. This year, Paul won all the competitions she competed in in the 400-meter hurdles series.

Paul (22) won two gold medals at the European Championships in Munich last month: the 400-meter hurdles and the 400-meter flat. There was also European gold in the 4 x 400 metres. In July, she took silver in the 400-meter hurdles at the World Championships from Eugene. There she had to contend with the almost unbeatable Sidney McLaughlin. The American is also the dominant Olympic champion. McLaughlin was missing in Zurich.

Paul came in Zurich with a time of 53.03 seconds, surpassing her personal best time. That was enough to keep Panamanian Gianna Woodruff (53.72) and Jamaican Janev Russell (53.77) behind. American Dalilah Muhammad, the previous world record holder, came fourth with a time of 53.83 seconds.

Paul knew the destination of a portion of the money he had earned. “I have always said that if I win a large amount of money, I will spend it on vacation. I am going to Greece and lying on the beach for two weeks.” Looking at her season, she said she still feels “passed”. “It is always difficult to evaluate because I already spoke about the dream season last year. I challenged myself with a double in the European Championship. I hope one day to be the best in the world, but at the moment I am very happy with the way things are.”

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The other three Dutchmen who entered the battle on Thursday evening were unable to distinguish themselves. Lake Claver finished seventh in the 400 meters with a time of 51.55 seconds. The Dominican Meredi Paulino won with a time of 48.99. This was the best time this year.

Liemarvin Bonevacia also finished the 400m in seventh place in 45.84. Here, Kirani James of Grenada won with a time of 44.26 points.

Nick Smedt finished eighth in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 51.82 seconds. The victory for the Brazilian Alisson dos Santos: 46.98.

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