“Hope for a very nice day”

"Hope for a very nice day"

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Bike broken or not: Voss is ready for the World Cup

Sixteen years ago, you already stood on the podium at the cycling world championships in your rainbow jersey. Marianne Voss was 19 when, by surprise, she became the world champion on the road in Salzburg.

Tonight, Vos (35) will again be one of the favorites for the title, which she has already won three times in her career, the last of which was in 2013. Although in Australia she is not talking about her own ambitions, but about the goal for the Dutch team as a whole.

“I am here to lead a beautiful championship, and we are all going to do everything we can to win this world title,” Vos spoke for the team.


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Voss: “We all know how hard it can be. The only thing I can do in preparation is prepare as best as possible and try to be my best. I feel good, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Three times gold and six times silver

In nine of the 14 world championships she’s led, Voss has been on the podium, as the winner or second place. A year ago, Voss took the silver in Leuven, Belgium, behind Italian Elisa Balsamo, who beat her in the sprint.

World Cup 2021: Italy’s Balsamu keeps Voss fourth title on the road

Lang wasn’t sure if Van Vleuten would ever be able to participate in the competition, but despite her elbow fracture, she is.

This decision would not surprise Voss. On Thursday, before it was announced that Van Vleuten, 39, would drive the car, she praised Van Vleuten’s flexibility. “An anime is an anime. We know how strong it is and how powerful it is. But now we have to wait and see what it brings. For her and us.”


Marianne Voss appears to be the Netherlands’ most important asset now that Van Vleuten is damaged.

Whatever role Van Vleuten can play in the race, Voss anticipates a World Cup where anything can happen. “The cycle is very diverse, and there are many different possible scenarios.”

“And many different riders can be counted among the candidates. Of course hope for a very nice day.”


A glimpse of the women’s road race at the World Championships in Wollongong.

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