Hoover phonics gets an ungrateful position in the Eurovision final …

Hoover phonics gets an ungrateful position in the Eurovision final ...

dhs, adbSource: Eurovision.tv, BELGA

The Belgian entry had secured a place in the final of the first semi-final on Tuesday. Then it was already decided by lottery that Hooverphonic should perform in the first half of the show. Now the producers have decided, based on the types of songs, among other things, the order in which all the finalists will perform exactly. The performance very early in the show is unfavorable: the later the candidate appears, the fresher in the viewer’s memory he will have to vote for the end.

In addition to Belgium, Norway, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden and Ukraine took a place in the final on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, San Marino, Finland and Switzerland were added. Since an Icelandic member of Daði og Gagnamagnið has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, they should just show you rehearsal footage.

Thanks to Duncan Lawrence’s victory in 2019, the Netherlands has already secured a place in the final. France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, the so-called “Big Five”, also did not have to participate in the semi-finals and are already on the podium on Saturday anyway.

Candidates for Italy, France and Malta

Italy are the favorites to rock music on Saturday. France is ranked second among bookmakers. They send out a chanson modeled after Edith Piaf. Malta, with a song about power Body positivity, Ranks third in predictions. They were in the same (first) semi-finals as the hofphonic on Tuesday.

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Switzerland is fourth: the drama The whole universe Co-written by Belgian Van Geun’s Tears, Nina Sampermanz, who sang with – yes – hoverphonic. Belgium is in the middle of the bookmaker, although striker Alex Callier has expressed his belief in a place in the top five.

Here’s the ranking in which the 26 finalists will appear on Saturday:

  1. Cyprus

  2. Albania

  3. The Zionist entity

  4. Belgium

  5. Russia

  6. Malta

  7. Portugal

  8. Serbia

  9. United kingdom

  10. Greece

  11. Switzerland

  12. Iceland

  13. Spain

  14. Moldavia

  15. Germany

  16. Finland

  17. Bulgaria

  18. Lithuania

  19. Ukraine

  20. France

  21. Azerbaijan

  22. Norway

  23. Holland

  24. Italy

  25. Sweden

  26. San Marino

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