Home Secretary wants to fire BSI head Arne Schönbaum

Home Secretary wants to fire BSI head Arne Schönbaum

The leader of a parliamentary green group believes that the Ministry of the Interior demanded

According to dpa information, there has long been discontent in the Ministry of the Interior regarding Schönbaum’s role and his dealings with the Cyber ​​Security Council. It is clear that the recent allegations and a visit to Schönbuhme to celebrate the club’s anniversary have brought the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The deputy head of the Green Parliament in the German Bundestag, Konstantin von Knots, called for a thorough investigation. “Regardless of Schönbaum’s personal details, the allegations and suspicions in the chamber must be further clarified and appropriate consequences elicited,” he told t-online. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior is now called upon to “definitively give priority to the numerous projects agreed upon in the Coalition Agreement in the field of IT security, particularly with a view to the effective protection of critical infrastructures, and with the necessary political policies.” Danger”.

A spokeswoman for digital policy for the left-wing Bundestag faction, Anke Domschit-Berg, said on Twitter on Saturday that she had asked the Digital Committee to deal with the matter next Wednesday. What Jan Böhmermann declared about the relations between Russian intelligence services, “a dubious cybersecurity association, its members and BSI” is incomprehensible.

Shonbum didn’t distance himself

According to dpa information, he has suggested to Schönbaum several times to distance himself from the “German Cyber ​​Security Council eV”. But at the beginning of September, the head of the authorities of the club appeared to publicly congratulate him on the tenth anniversary of its founding.

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