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مشهد من الفيديوهات السيئة

Videos on “YouTube” sparked a wave of anger among the people of Al-Buhaira Governorate, due to the content aimed at stirring up instincts. A young man named “Ahmed” and a girl called “Noha” perform outdated and immoral scenes.

The city of Hosh Issa in the Buhaira governorate witnessed a massive wave of anger among the people, because of the broadcast of this offensive and immoral content, as they presented it through their channel: “We are farmers and we are educated on this talk, and what happens is this defect and harms our reputation. Countries of more workers than a video, The boy looks at her and harasses her while she is wearing her veil, abusing the veil, and there is no sanctity for the place she is living in. ”According to Tamer Ismail, one of the residents of” the homeland. “

“Tamer” feels, because of this visual and verbal content, which it contains of immoral offenses: “This is neither fear nor upbringing, and no one says that they are defective and not even disliked, until our reputation on earth is empty of those who do this.”

Several pornographic videos were filmed, which brought together «Ahmed» and «Noha», in addition to the help of a third young man, during which the duo present explicit «pornographic» movements, in a clear trade of the girl with her body, “The one is afraid that his children sit on YouTube so that they will not be left with any need from These videos are very, very ugly, and the needs are clear, ”according to Imad Zaidan, a resident.

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The discontent prompted Imad to submit a report to the Internet investigators to prevent the broadcasting and closure of this channel, in addition to his desperate attempt to search for these young men and advise them: “I try first to the youth in order to rationalize them, and I say to them the defect that they are doing. ».

The views of this channel exceed the 150,000 viewers, and those in charge of it seem to have simplicity in their clothes and performance, as they lack polite dialogue, and the way they perform and talk is vulgar, and it seems that their purpose of broadcasting these bad videos is only to profit: “They think that this is going to be loud and take money, But a shame and a shame for what they do. ”

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