Holland Mall Evacuated: Here’s What Happens

Holland Mall Evacuated: Here's What Happens

Police evacuated the Dutch Westfield Mall this afternoon, Wednesday 12 May. According to AD, there is a threatening situation where a man is brandishing a knife.

Update: The man has since been arrested by the police. There are no injuries.

Police have evacuated the Holland Mall, the new large shopping center in Leidshag. According to a police spokesperson, it is about a confused man who entered a shop with a knife.


The man is said to be hiding in a Kyldo Art & Design store. Police say there are no other people in the store. The police arrest team is now at the mall and a negotiator has been called to speak with the man.

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The main entrance is open as usual, but visitors stop near the G-Star store. The entrance on the BCC side is also closed, according to AD.

If more news comes out, you can read it here or follow the news via AD.nl.

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