Holiday weather in Europe: heavy showers in the Alps, heat in the south | Currently

Holiday weather in Europe: heavy showers in the Alps, heat in the south |  Currently

Weeronline expects heavy rain in Western Europe and the Alps. If you go far south, you’ll have hot, sunny vacation weather. Even in East Germany, summer doesn’t budge.

For those who cannot get enough temperature, the southeastern corner of Europe is recommended. With plenty of sunshine on the famous Greek islands, the temperature there ranges from 32 to 35 degrees Celsius daily. It is hotter in Turkish coastal resorts with 34 to 38 degrees.

Also in the long run there will be plenty of summer here. The chance of thunderstorms is increasing on the Greek mainland.

Great Holiday Weather in Portugal and Southern Spain

It is also sunny and warm in the holiday regions of Portugal and the southern coastal regions of Spain. Here the maximum limits are usually between 30 and 33 degrees. In the interior of Portugal and Andalusia, mercury can reach 40 degrees on some days.

If you’re near Barcelona, ​​on the French southern coast, or in Ibiza or Mallorca, consider a heavy thunderstorm today. However, in the near future it will be dry and sunny again with a maximum of 30 degrees.

In western France it is variable and cooler. The sun will return in the coming days, but due to the winds from the Atlantic, the maximum on the west coast of France is between 22 degrees in Brittany and a maximum of 26 degrees in Biarritz.

Heavy rain in the Alps and northern Italy

In the Alps, it will be raining until Saturday. Heavy rain and thunderstorms can occur in the mountains, leaving plenty of rain, but cities certainly don’t keep them dry either.

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The largest number of rains is expected in southeastern Switzerland, western Austria and the adjacent area in northern Italy. Also in the famous Italian lakes, such as Lake Garda, there is a chance of heavy rain, accompanied by hail and gusts of wind.

Rainwater is welcome in principle, since the water level in these lakes as well as in the Po River is exceptionally low. However, locally, Thursday and Friday rains can fall a lot in a short time which leads to great inconvenience.

Big differences in Germany

The rain and thunderstorms that caused the worst heat in our country yesterday, will do the same in parts of Germany today and tomorrow. In the eastern half of Germany, the heat wave is not yet over. For example, it is oppressively warm in Berlin with a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius.

This weekend it will be about 27 degrees cooler there, but the mercury will likely rise again next week to more than 30 degrees. In addition, the weather picture is sunny and dry

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