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Anyone reading about it for the first time will likely have to first grasp this idea: At the end of 2021, metal sculptor Kevin Stone was commissioned to create a giant head based on the model of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It came from a group that Elon Goat came up with about the new cryptocurrency, and wanted to pin Musk’s head on a metal-on-metal goat, which was in turn on a rocket. The tribute to the head of Tesla and SpaceX was completed a few weeks ago and was on a flatbed truck in the USA. On Saturday, she was supposed to be taken to the Gigafactory in Texas.

Hoping to get a response from the head of Tesla

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, the sculptor initially believed Musk himself was behind the commission, but on the contrary, has brushed off previous attempts to get him to respond. For the brains behind Elon Goat, for example, Musk’s Twitter message about their marketing work would be a hit, the most active of them admitted: It would legitimize the currency, he said.

According to him, the nickname Goat is an acronym for “Greatest of All Time”, which also translates to goat’s body in English, which one might understand as an insult. Musk could find himself in the rocket he lies on, especially since it resembles the SpaceX spacecraft in its steely simplicity. According to the WSJ report, everything is also designed in such a way that the musk-goat-carrying missile can be set up as it is at the start, and the flames should be able to shoot out of it from behind.

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So at least one interesting show was expected this Saturday afternoon local time in Texas. The group of goats had called a meeting near Tesla’s massive factory in the state at 2 p.m. The plan for this was to “have a few hours of fun” and then head to the factory in a convoy with Musk’s factory in the lead and then the Teslas first. According to the invitation, it’s time to bring back the “Elon Home” memorial. After all, he is the most creative person in the world.

The musk coin is holding up relatively well

It wasn’t clear in advance if Musk would accept the altruistic gift and even at the Gigafactory on Saturday. After all, he’s also been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately, and after a phase with several statements about cryptocurrency and Tesla’s Bitcoin payments, he hasn’t paid much attention to it lately. Even a Dogecoin investor sued him for alleged manipulation. For Elon Goat, the attempt would have been worth the effort and the $600,000 cost: The unusual plan was reported by several media outlets beforehand, and the coin’s exchange rate was higher than today shortly after the launch in early 2022, but since then it hasn’t It drops deeply like most other cryptocurrencies.

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