Hockey star Daphne Formoline is back privately after cancer treatments: ‘After weeks of hard training, it worked’

Daphne Voormolen bij haar rentree voor hockeyclub Victoria

In the spring, hockey player Daphne Formolene was told that she had cervical cancer. The 30-year-old major league player Victoria was declared clean and was already on the field against Klein Zwizzerland (3-2) on Sunday. “There is nothing more fun than being on the court with these girls and fighting for the three points.”

Voormolen has struggled hard in recent weeks to be able to get back on the field. The plan was to return to Victoria in the spring. “Unfortunately we lost, I would have liked to see it differently, but personally it was a very amazing moment,” she looks back on her own comeback on the pitch. Voormolen even participated almost entirely in Victoria’s replacement schedule.

Voormolen is currently in remission. “I’ll be under a magnifying glass for the next five years, but for now at least we can be very happy. We haven’t had better news.”

extra wink

For weeks Voormolen has been looking forward to her return to the hockey field. “I must say the outside world probably expected more than I felt for me, because I had been training with the girls for a few weeks. But when I first came onto the field, I had a moment to myself where I thought: Wow, I’m back. But that moment might have been Two seconds. Then he turned the switch and focused on the match to win it.”

The Dutch hockey world has expressed strong sympathy for Voormolen in recent months. The Victoria striker was disappointed at the lack of an audience for the match with tiny Switzerland. “Otherwise, all my loved ones would have stood along the line. But it’s good to see how the opponents react to it and how much people live there. During the line-up, I got an extra wink or reaction from several girls,” Mill says.

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‘Not fit as before’

Although Voormolen was able to participate for a long time, she still had to hit some success to get back to the old level. “The doctors released me about six weeks ago. Then I heard again that I was allowed to play sports.”

In the physical therapy department, Formoline indicated that she wants to play again on Sunday, November 14. “It was very ambitious, because we didn’t know where I was physically at the time, but after six weeks of hard training it worked,” says Formolin. I’m not as fit as before, but I’m already fit enough to handle the level in the main division.”

Voormolen will slow down soon, because the winter break in the main division is already approaching in one game. “I’ve started working too. The focus is now there as well.” There is still a chance that Voormolen will be able to have children. But this desire is temporary I’m waiting Also due to medication. “Fortunately, the opportunity to achieve this is still possible.”

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