Hockey players are sure the Pro League will win due to cancellations


Dutch hockey players are already sure of an overall victory in the professional league. Due to travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus, not all matches scheduled for this season can be played. The Orange Professional League concluded against Belgium on Sunday in Antwerp.

Hockey players will also face Australia and New Zealand twice, but these two countries cannot come to Europe. The FIH decided to stop playing these matches. Since participants do not end up with an equal number of matches played, FIH considers the percentage of points scored to compose the final score. At 87.88 percent, Orange had the best results among women.

Alison Annan’s side won eight matches out of ten and won once on penalties. Only Argentina lost once (2-0) in February. In 2019, Orange also won the first edition of the Pro League.

Of course Belgium too

The Dutch men will also close the country’s competitions against Belgium on Sunday. The team of outgoing national coach Max Caldas is fifth in the competition with nine countries, with 54.55 points. World champion Belgium is already sure of an overall victory, with a score of 82.05. The Dutch won four out of 11 matches and lost three. Of the four duels that ended in a draw, two won through penalties.

“It’s disappointing, of course, that it is not possible to play every match,” said Thierry Weil, FIFA director. “Nevertheless, we were able to complete two-thirds of the program, which is a major achievement given the very difficult conditions in which we find ourselves.”

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From June 4 to 13, the European titles will be contested in Amsterdam. The European Championship serves Dutch hockey teams in preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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