H&M launched an app that provides men’s clothing advice

H&M launched an app that provides men's clothing advice

H&M launched an app in the UK that provides personal style advice for men. Arranged by H&M; Provides direction and inspiration through advice from human designers and artificial intelligence. It is not known if the app will soon be available in other countries.

Mattress by H&M works with human designers and makes style suggestions from its men’s collection. According to H&M, the app will work more accurately as more people use it.

When creating a profile, you are asked for personal information: hair color, eye color, clothing size, and any extras like broad shoulders or long legs. The app uses this information to give advice and make suggestions on clothing. Additionally, the app has personal designers who can be reached via chat to ask personal questions. The user can then like or dislike the garment suggestion, allowing the costumer to modify the suggestion.

H & M’s chief menswear designer, Ross Lydon, said in a statement: “We are delighted to launch Sorted by H&M as an addition to the men’s shopping experience. The fashion and design suggestions are tailored for each individual based on their needs and preferences. This makes shopping easier. “

The app is built with Thread, which is a styler app. The app already has over 1 million users and its algorithms are tuned to more than 100 million data points in eight years.

Ranking by H&M is currently only available on iOS devices, the app is not yet available for Android devices.

This article was previously published on FashionUnited UK / COM. This article has been edited and translated into Dutch by Silvana Legbert.

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