Hershey and Schachmann show their level in Switzerland: ‘This is a good sign’

Hershey and Schachmann show their level in Switzerland: 'This is a good sign'

Mark Hershey and Maximilian Schachmann finished first and second on Friday in the one-day Swiss Canton of Aargau. Nice boost for the Swiss and the Germans.

Hershey’s was the fastest of a group of seven, which naturally made him feel good afterwards. “It was a tough match, but I am very happy with my victory. I thought it was a frantic and fast match,” he said after the match in his country.

“Timing was very important in the sprint. With 200 meters left, I started to go with the wind and that way I could run towards victory,” he explains. “It was a good feeling to be racing on my own, in front of all my family and friends. It’s a good sign for the Tour of Switzerland, says Hershey, who is also on the tour’s long list.

Schachmann: This was not my best day

Also for Schachmann, it was a great feeling to be involved again in the win. “This was my first race after a very difficult first part of the season,” the German said. After the bootcamp, we really wanted to go to Marco Haller. I moved in very early and ended up in the front group. It wasn’t my best day, but the result wasn’t bad. I couldn’t get past Hershey’s and finished second.

The two men will take part in the Tour of Switzerland from Sunday, where they will have numerous opportunities for new success.

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