Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming severe thunderstorms

Here's what you need to know about the upcoming severe thunderstorms

How hot today is! But this heat does not last for days. From tonight, the chance of thunderstorms increases and the showers gradually dissipate the heat. We tell you how severe the storm will be and when it will get colder.

Early this morning, a thunderstorm will likely blow in the far west, but it will soon disappear and likely dry out the rest of the morning and afternoon. The sun is shining hard and the temperature rises to 30 degrees in the west to room 35 along the eastern boundary. He sweats a lot because he’s stuffy. This is because the humidity is high.

The evening can be mostly dry and that’s good news if you want to watch the European Football Championship abroad. It remains hot for a long time with temperatures still exceeding 25 degrees in the late evening. Watch the radar and the weather forecast, because the chance of thunderstorms from the south increases gradually during the evening.

Severe thunderstorms with a chance of desert dust

Severe thunderstorms from Belgium can reach our country late in the evening and into the night until Friday. Most likely, the western half will be affected by these rains. It will be raining heavily with strong lightning and a chance of strong winds and also heavy rain in a short time. This creates a flood risk. Wind gusts can be stronger locally.

In addition, rain can make the road slippery. It was dry for a long time, so that dirt and oil accumulated on the road surface. When it rains, it forms a soft soapy layer on the asphalt. And if that’s not enough, rain can also remove desert dust. So wait a bit before washing your car.

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Only really cooler on Saturday

While you shower, it cools down to about 17 degrees, but it won’t get any colder than the next night. With a temperature of at least 17-22 degrees, the night becomes sticky again. On Friday, the weather will be frigid, with severe thunderstorms likely again. These rains can also turn strongly with hail, high winds, and lots of rain. And on Saturday the hot weather will end for a while and due to the northwest wind the temperature will be only 17-25 degrees. This is the day to let him cool off a bit at home. It could be hot again on Sunday with thunderstorms likely. You can read more about this in the most comprehensive weather forecast for the Netherlands.

Main image: Stefan Dornbus

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