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Dit staat er te wachten voor Polkadot in 2022

Gavin Wood computer worldt and founder of Polkadot (DOT), released on December 31 in a Blog post Find out what the Polkadot project has in store for the new year. If we believe Gavin Wood, the future looks bright and 2022 will be dominated by several major network updates.

Parachin and more

One of the main items on Polkadot’s agenda in 2022 is to introduce more Parachin. Parachains are similar to separate blockchains that run in parallel with the main Polkadot network, the so-called relay series. This construction ensures that the Polkadot network can have a huge capacity and that it can offer many different functions.

In mid-December the previous year, it was First Parachin Already launched. However, in 2022, another step forward will be taken. Since there are now only a few parachin alive More than 150 will be rolled out over the new year.

“With over 150 chains With a wide range of features under development, many of which are pre-existing test networksThere is a lot to look forward to.”


Not only will the parachine convert Polkadot into a “blockchain of blockchains,” there will also be ongoing work behind the scenes to improve the Polkadot network.

For example, in 2022 a number of important bridges It is launched. These bridges should connect the Polkadot Network with other major blockchains once and for all. So is the case with parity Polkadot Bridge with Kusama and ice fork The bridge will establish a connection between Polkadot and Ethereum (ETH).

In addition, the base code From the Polkadot network under repair. This is all about optimization. The purpose is to be able to process at least 1,000 transactions per second Parachin. With over 150 parachinas at the end, this would be quite revolutionary.

Overall, it looks like 2022 could be just as successful as 2021 for Gavin Wood and Polkadot Network. In any case, the plans and goals are ambitious. Time will tell where Polkadot is within 12 months relative to the competition.

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