Here’s the cool trick

Here's the cool trick

This system will probably be useful to anyone who is used to using two numbers at the same time.

A useful novelty for those who usually use two mobile phones (by Adobestock)

Only use one smart phone But you have two different types at the same time Account Whatsapp: Now you can, and the new system that has been discovered will surely make everyone who used to use it happy two digits Different phone numbers. So far fora program One of the most used instant messages in the world was practically the last الأخيرة Muharram To dissipate, but now it is possible.

How? Very simple: customers usual from two different lines Phone numbers will likely also have a very extensive address book, which is why their contacts need to be appropriately segmented. two accounts The WhatsApp This is suitable for them, to keep the work and personal areas well, even if in fact, we specify it, currently the platform does not provide this possibility. But there is a file the trick This if you put in need will make an experience conversation Oh really Easy And more fun.

Two different Whatsapp accounts: Now you can finally use both with the same smartphone

The WhatsApp
With Whatsapp Business, you can use multiple accounts from the same smartphone (Powered by Adobestock)

Actions to carry out incision It is really simple and intuitive and does not require complex explanations. none of crooked Thus exhausting: only a little is enough Download digital app WhatsApp Business And that’s it. In fact, Whatsapp business will interfere with a file Issuance From The WhatsApp I’m just saying “Normal” without this being necessary uninstall The latter or make special changes.

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Looking at her job multiple The app was originally designed for comp And lets you take advantage of two Account From the same smartphone, by entering a priority number and then a secondary number. It is clear that in order for the dual option to work, it will be necessary to have both SIM card of phones in With two slices Or in two mobile phones, to receive me first symbols Confirmation that allows enablement.

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At this point I Because The account will be interchangeable We will be able to exploit both of them very easily, thus avoiding the little one Limit The technician who slowed his chances for years multiply The talks on Whatsapp or to differentiate The “conversation” By sectors, without putting yourself at risk of confusion i Contacts work or family.

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