Here’s how often to restart the router to speed up the Internet

Here's how often to restart the router to speed up the Internet

You cannot live without the Internet. Whether it is for business needs, watching a movie while streaming, shopping online or keeping in touch with friends via social media. A strong internet connection is an essential requirement in our life and in everyday life. But just as turning off your computer every now and then improves its performance, restarting router settings can improve connectivity. Here’s how often to restart the router to speed up your internet connection.

What is a router

The router connects your computer to the Internet and other devices with each other and chooses the best path to transmit information. It connects us to the world, protects information from security threats, and can even determine which computers have priority over others.

A router is different from a modem because the latter connects our home or work to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP). On the other hand, a router connects many devices in the network, including modems.

Protection against hackers

Rebooting the router is more than just getting a faster connection. It’s also a way to avoid being hacked. In the past, the FBI recommended that small businesses and home users restart routers after foreign hackers breached thousands of networks around the world. Using a malware called VPNFilter, hackers were able to collect all kinds of information, rendering routers useless. It is also recommended that you keep the firmware updated, which provides network protocols, security, and administrative controls to prevent further security threats.

Thus, turning off the device to restart the router settings will pause the malware, protecting not only the connection, but our privacy as well.

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Here’s how often to restart the router to speed up the Internet

Restarting the router is one of the first steps in troubleshooting connectivity issues in a home environment, such as lack of connectivity and slow wireless connections. In general, it is a good idea to restart your internet router every two months.

The Internet provider assigns a temporary IP address to each device that can be changed at any time. If the router does not detect the change, the connection may become slow. The same thing can happen if you have multiple devices connected to the router.

From a performance standpoint, restarting the router every now and then can help maintain network reliability.

Experts agree that restarting your router isn’t an exact science, but it’s easy to do when dealing with internet or security issues.

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