Hearn remembers BDO’s failed help: ‘After that I wanted to destroy them’

Barry Hearn will step down as President of PDC, with immediate effect

Barry Hearn suddenly announced his retirement as president of PDC last month. He passed the stick to his son Eddy.

Hearn explains to The Weekly Dartscast why he decided to step down. “I’ve been thinking about it for about two years. In June, I’ll be 73, I’m still in good health, and I can do just fine, but the clock is ticking. When I enter PDC, the timing is right.” The British businessman said: “ Life is about The timing is now the time to give the younger generation a chance. ”

The 72-year-old Hearn took over the chair of PDC in 2001 and under his leadership PDC has grown to become the leading association in darts. The sport continued to globalize, with World Series championships in the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Regional tours have also now been organized in North America, Asia and Oceania, where local players can win a place in the World Championships.

Why has archery become so popular? Sport is inherently a working class, but in reality it is available to everyone. In the hall it can happen that the dock worker is sitting next to the bank manager. With darts, we’re showing the world that everyone can coexist, as long as they’re in the right environment. In principle, darts players are also ordinary people, but have an extraordinary talent (for darts arrows, liberator). Sports were a lot of squares for me, I feel completely at home. ”

In 2009, Hearn also tried to acquire BDO. The million pound bid was rejected, along with a commitment to invest an additional 1 million in amateur darts. Hearn motivated to make PDC bigger.

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“When I got into the darts world, there was a lot of hatred and envy between the two unions. I reached out to BDO to sit down together. I was neglected, they were arrogant. After that, I was determined to destroy them and increase our prize money and make BDO irrelevant. They are history. Now, let this be a lesson for everyone, ” warns Hearn.

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