HC Den Bosch hockey players rise after beating SCHC in the main category | regional sport

HC Den Bosch hockey players rise after beating SCHC in the main category |  regional sport

Despite the 6-1 win, hockey player Quinn Beijing still rolled his lips when the last signal went off at Den Bosch. “We really wanted to keep Zero together.”

“It’s a shame we lost our heads in the final stage and still gave up on that goal,” he explains shortly afterwards. This rotten feeling is only temporary, you know. This sole purpose of SCHC cannot and should not spoil the fun.”

Den Bosch hockey players made short work for the Bilthoven men’s hockey team at home at Tulip Hovedklassie, certainly in the second part of the game on Sunday afternoon. After the break, the match was decided early in the third quarter – in part due to two goals – by Bijen. , for the same amount I scored another hat-trick today, as happened in the match against Hurley earlier this month. That punch after Dylan Witherspoon’s pass to the far post for a SCHC goal didn’t go well.”

‘We haven’t scored six goals in a single game this season’, coach/Eric Verbaum has now calculated. After the first half, the score was 1 to 0 because of Robin Verstige’s goal. After the break we quickly finish in the third quarter. Important to maintain focus. We were a bit sloppy in parts of the game. The only drawback of the match, I think, is that we can’t keep a clean sheet. I would have liked to see that as a bonus for Jan, especially with goalkeeper Jan van Groesen instead of Flip Wijsman under the crossbar.”

Thanks to Klein Zwizerland’s win and their 1-0 defeat to Bloomingdale, Den Bosch climbed a higher place in the league table at the expense of HCKZ itself. So place eight would be where seven right now. The left row is no longer there.

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Queen Beijing in the attack on HC Den Bosch. © Pix4Profs / Thomas Segers

“We shouldn’t really be seventh, but if we continue with the match we showed today, next season will be fine,” Beijing said with confidence. Next week we want to skip KZ for good. This team was third in the league before.”

, if we win the game next week against our direct competitor in The Hague, we’ll finish seventh anyway,” Verboom has now calculated. We wanted to get a little better at the game. In the beginning, like many of the other teams in the beginning of the hockey year, we wanted to get to the playoffs. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible due to injury issues (long term) and some other setbacks.”

“If we finish the season in seventh place and with a score of more than thirty points I will be satisfied with that,” said Verbaum, who replaced HC Den Bosch after the season with a full-time national assistant coach with the national coach. Jeroen Delmy. Den Bosch’s men advance each season through competition. That progress disappears in the summer and sometimes in the winter because we lose players.”

Record results: 10. Robin Verstige 1 – 0.38, Queen Beijing 2 – 0.39, Queen Beijing 3 – 0.51, Dylan Witherspoon 4 – 0.52, Tejman Rejinga 5 – 0.68, Austin Smith 6-0 (SC), 70. Connor Impey 6-1.

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