HBO and HBO Max already have a large number of subscribers

HBO and HBO Max already have a large number of subscribers

Netflix is ​​still the largest streaming service, but HBO continues to grow. A new report shows that HBO can now certainly call itself a streaming giant.

HBO, HBO Max, and Discovery+ together have nearly 95 million subscribers! Many new subscribers have been added thanks to Dragon Housetransverse series of Game of thrones.

This is also evident from the last numbers. The number increased mainly in the second quarter of this year. HBO Max, for example, gained 2.8 million new subscribers, outperforming Netlix with its additional 2.41 million subscribers. In total, Netflix is ​​still far from the top with around 220 million users.

Warner Bros. However, Discovery still has billions of dollars in debt. Thanks to these recent positive numbers, the company was able to reduce its debt burden. For example, they no longer have $53 billion in debt but only $50.4 billion.

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However, not only does the streaming service help with that. To reduce costs and losses, Warner Bros. Already pulling the plug on some movies and series, including bat girlAlthough the movie is almost over.

Earlier this year, it became clear that Warner Bros. Discovery will merge streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ in the US in 2023, but CEO David Zaslav says that will happen soon, as the merger is coming sooner than expected.

It is not yet known when HBO Max and Discovery+ will be merged in the Netherlands. These streaming services are not currently available (yet) in Belgium.

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