Haven’t you got a second shot yet? Stick to the procedures

Haven't you got a second shot yet?  Stick to the procedures

Single vaccination in the delta variant (formerly the Indian variant) provides less protection against infection and severe consequences. For this reason, it’s crucial to get your second shot, health experts around the world warn. Pending the second vaccination, it remains reasonable to continue to comply with the anti-Coronavirus measures.

In the UK, where the delta variant has been prevalent for some time, hospital numbers show how important full vaccination is. Although the vaccine offers much greater protection than not being vaccinated, you are less likely to end up in the hospital if you receive two vaccinations.

In the UK, there is more time between the first and second injection than in other countries, including the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the British have already relaxed. This may explain, among other things, why the delta variant has gained a foothold there, while the mutation is still not very prevalent in the Netherlands.

Here, less than half a percent of all infections are caused by the variant first identified in India. The percentage of infections with the delta variant has also remained stable over the past four to five weeks.

In a Finnish hospital, the recent outbreak of the delta virus resulted in 100 cases of infection. Seventeen people died. Of these, 11 were vaccinated and four were not.

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Because it is contagious, the delta variant can still cause outbreaks in unvaccinated or barely vaccinated populations. This concerns, for example, children, but it also concerns regions where the vaccination rate lags behind. In the Netherlands, for example, there are places like Urk and neighborhoods in big cities where many immigrants live.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine for children under the age of 12 late last month.

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