Haunted PS1 Announces Opening for “Haunted PS1 Demo Disk 2021”

Haunted PS1 Announces Opening for "Haunted PS1 Demo Disk 2021"

For those who enjoyed it the first time around, Haunted PS1 is making a comeback. The low rez horror game community announced that they are accepting submissions from indie developers between now and January 31 for the 2021 release of Demo Disk.

As before, the demo disc will be a game player “full of demos of games released in the past year or released in the future” from the creators. The group isn’t necessarily looking for complete games either. Also, this is not a congestion of a game, so creating a game / demo specifically for this group is NOT Recommended. Since the description is in the details of the submission form, the demo CD “aims to get games from our community in front of a lot of people and create awareness of the developers who work who can support our fans.”

If you missed the first round, you can check out the 2020 Demo Disk here on itch.io.

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