Hasan could attack the 10,000m world record

Hasan could attack the 10,000m world record

The speed is not what it should be yet, but the stamina is good. Even athlete Sivan Hasan says she is in better shape than ever. “The shape is perfect,” she said in the run-up to next Sunday’s FBK Games. She wants to set a personal record anyway, but she does not rule out an attack on the world record. “Who knows, that could be the case. The conditions have to be right and I should also consult with my manager and coach, but I’m really looking forward to running really hard.”

Hassan recorded 29.36.67 at Hengelo last October after 10,000 metres. Thus, I broke the European record. The world record for the longest track distance is 29.17.45 by Ethiopian Almaz Ayana. Hassan is the world distance champ. She won the title in 2019 in Doha.

Hassan has been preparing for hikes in Park City, Utah, in recent weeks. I was able to go there after I finally got a visa to travel to the US. Since then, the turmoil has also disappeared from her and she was able to focus on the training sessions. The training was mainly for endurance, because of the cold she could not train well quickly. “But I still have two months until the Olympics and it’s going to be getting warmer again, so that speed will be back again. I’m honestly very grateful for the way everything is going now.”


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